Household cleaning itemsBacteria and Viruses can live on surfaces for months waiting to be spread and the most common way to kill them is to use toxic chemicals (often used incorrectly), that leave harmful residue.

Viruses and Bacteria have been around a lot longer then we have, in mans early days he used nature to remedy the effects of illness, as time went on and medicine was discovered the use of natural products declined and the use of medicine (anti-biotics) exploded.  Due to the overuse of anti-biotics, a bigger problem has arisen the dawn of “Superbugs”.  Today, we use harsh and unhealthy chemicals to kill viruses and bacteria in our homes, workplaces, schools and daycares where our children play. These chemicals cause health complications from asthma to allergies, they leave toxic residues behind and are very often used incorrectly. 

What are superbugs?

They are bacteria or viruses resistant to one or more antibiotics, and they make it difficult to treat or cure infections that once were easily treated. The anti-biotic has lost its ability to control or kill bacterial growth. This is a very serious problem right now, today, all over North America. What is the solution? We believe its is going back to the basics, and using techniques that were proven many years ago, there are others but we feel UV-C Disinfection is hands down the best choice.

No-Touch Disinfection - What we do.

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