How It WorksThe Process is simple. Here are the steps. The first step is for you to contact us to schedule an appointment.  At this time we will ask some questions; such as the size of the space to be disinfected as well as the number of rooms you require to be treated. A friendly and knowledgeable No-Touch Technician will arrive at the location to be disinfected at the time you scheduled when you booked the appointment. The technician will survey the space and decide on the placement of the lights to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.  They will then remove all plants and animals, and expose as much surface area as possible. The lights are strategically placed in the room for maximum effect.  The lights are plugged in, turned on and disinfection begins. While the treatment is in progress, if Spot Treatment Service has been requested (additional cost), the technician will move around the area with a powerful handheld light to apply spot treatments for hard to reach areas. Once the disinfection is complete, the lights turn off and the room can be immediately occupied.  The technician will remove the lights and return the room to its original condition.

No-Touch Disinfection - What we do.

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