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MRSA, a ‘Superbug’ is a severe problem in hospitals and care homes and the Health Protection Agency warned recently of a rapid spread in resistance to antibiotics which creates huge challenges for infection control in care homes. Controlling outbreaks of illness and infection such as Norovirus, H1N1 and MRSA in hospitals and residential care establishments, has been a recurring theme in the media in recent years.

Continual flow of staff, visitors and residents between bedrooms, living areas and communal bathrooms, spreads viruses and bacteria at an alarming rate.

Traditional cleaning methods cannot stop the spread of germs if chemicals are poorly diluted, the minimum ‘wet time’ for disinfection is not achieved or the cleaning tools are not properly disinfected between uses on different areas.

Damp cloth cleaning often spreads the bacteria instead of containing it. According to the CDC, hand cleaning is at best 55% effective.

When used regularly, the No-Touch Disinfection system can be a powerful weapon in the fight against infection in medical and residential care facilities. UV-C treatment will stop any outbreak in its tracks.


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