Business Opportunity with No-Touch Disinfection



Thank you for showing interest in a possible business relationship with No-Touch Disinfection.

As briefly discussed, what we are looking to do is partner up with a local reputable cleaning company to offer our combined services to your customer base.  Your companies current cleaning system combined with the No-Touch Disinfection system will create a product that is superior to all other cleaning/disinfecting options available.


What does No-Touch Disinfection do?

What we do is strategically place high powered Ultra Violet lights in a room, the most common areas are the kitchen and bathroom however the room choice is the customers to decide.  The UV-C light floods the area and destroys the DNA of all bacteria and viruses rendering them incapable of replicating and spreading.

This No-Touch process uses no chemicals, leaves no residue and the area can be re-entered the moment the lights turn off.

The technical term for the method No-Touch uses is “Ultra Violet Germicidal Irradiation” or “UVGI”.  For a more detailed description of Ultra Violet light and the UVGI process, please read our article: What is Ultra Violet and UVGI?


Why have you not heard of this process before?

The short answer is; this process as a service does not exist in our country yet.  Currently it is reserved for Hospital Operating rooms and other medical establishments; No-Touch is brining this service to the Durham Region and making it available to businesses and home owners. The technology is not new, it’s actually over 100 years old, it is currently common in water treatment systems as well as in hvac (heating and air conditioning).

Your cleaning company along with No-Touch can effectively offer a solution not found anywhere in the country.  We believe one day this technology will be considered “the norm”.


Your business, partnered with No-Touch Disinfection.

There is no doubt that your companies ‘cleaning’ procedures have proven themselves efficient or you would no longer be in business.  However cleaning and disinfecting are quite different.  According to the disinfecting chemical manufacturers, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and Infection Control; disinfection is a 2 stage process, first comes the clean, which is the physical removal of dirt and grime, once complete the 2nd stage of disinfection can begin, whether using the same chemical or another, a ‘clean’ surface or object is required to be ‘wet’ for a duration of 10 minutes.  In a medical environment with their strict practices the CDC states: Manual terminal cleaning is at best 55% effective and often creates a cross contamination.

Combining your business practices with the No-Touch Disinfection system we can accurately offer the claim of a 99.99% reduction in viruses and bacteria.  Our UV lights do not only disinfect hard surfaces such as counters, sinks, toilets, it also includes, the walls, ceilings, floors and air that cannot be effectively disinfected by hand.


The lifespan of Bacteria and Viruses

Some micro-organisims can live a long time on a surface waiting to be touched or spread.  From Influenza which can live on a surface for 72hours to Klebsiella Pneumoniae (a super bug) which can live for a surprising 30 months.

Now in a residential setting Klebsiella is not so much a concern, however here are a few of the many examples of micro-organisims that are more common in a home.

Norovirus – lives for 12 days.
E. Coli – lives for 16 months.
Salmonella – lives for 50 days
Influenza – lives for 7 2hours.

There is no known microbiological resistance to the UV-C disinfectant process.


What No-Touch Disinfection is requesting of your company.

We would like you to offer your new and existing customers the additional option of a “Deep Disinfection”, to be preformed by No-Touch technicians once the location is ‘cleaned”, by your staff.


What No-Touch Disinfection will do for you.

No-Touch will create a custom pricing program that will be discounted for your customers.

No-Touch will factor in a referral fee to be paid to you, the business owner.

No-Touch will provide you with marketing material to provide your customers with information on UV-C disinfection.

It is our expectation that your business, by offering this new service (not offered anywhere in Canada) will not only create a new revenue stream with no effort through referrals, but will also see in increase in new customers with the added possibility of uncovering a new untapped niche market (Examples: People with health/autoimmune or germaphobe issues).


Next Step.

Contact Eric Richter at (905) 718-7945 or to discuss the opportunity and get started.



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