Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting…Whats the difference?

Did you know there is a difference?


Cleaning: Refers to the physical removal of dirt and grime on a surface.

During cleaning, tools such as cloths or sponges simply move germs from lone location to another, a major factor in cross contamination.

Sanitizing: Reduces the germs on a surface to a level considered safe by public health codes.

Disinfecting: Refers to killing a high percentage of germs on a surface or rendering then incapable of reproducing.


Did you know?

Most products which claim to disinfect, from Consumer Lysol (spray/wipes) to Harsh Commercial Chemicals require the surface to remain `wet` for 10min or longer to achieve disinfection.  They cannot dry in that time or effectiveness will be reduced and disinfection will be incomplete.

Spray and wipe consumer products do not disinfect, they are simply for cleaning.

No-Touch Disinfection - What we do.

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