• What is UV light?

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation comes from natural sources (like the sun), and artificial sources (like black lights, welding equipment, lasers, and tanning beds and lamps).  The term “ultraviolet” means “beyond violet which is just outside the range of light we can see. It is then broken down in to sub categories. UV-A, UV-B and UV-C.


  • What is UVGI? 

Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is a chemical free sterilization method that uses ultraviolet (UV-C) light to break down micro-organisms, it replicates the natural purification system of the sun by destroying the allergy and disease causing pathogens.


  • Do I need UV Disinfection? 

Yes we believe you do.  We are often asked if NO-Touch Disinfection would be of benefit for a variety of locations.  We believe that our service applies to any and every location where germs are present.  Therefore No-Touch Disinfection is appropriate for almost every organization where people are present.

While this process was designed for Hospitals and Medical facilities to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAI’s), it is now available to a variety of applications for example:

Offices, Gyms and Fitness locations, Daycares, Restaurants, Home Kitchens and Bathrooms.  These are some of the worst offenders for contamination.


  • Is UV disinfection Safe? 

Yes it is.  There are some health concerns such as ensuring all skin is covered and proper eye protection is worn while the treatment is in progress.  You will not be entering the room while treatment is in progress, our technicians are all well trained in the safety aspect of using UV-C light.  Rooms being treated will have signage posted warning unsuspecting visitors that it is not safe to enter.


  • Can I perform UV disinfection myself? 

No you cannot.  UV-C disinfection is offered as a service provided by No-Touch Disinfection.  To ensure the disinfection process is consistent, effective and complete, the treatment needs to be provided by a trained technician who can analyze the space and decide on the most effective placement of the lights, aswell as be aware of the health risks of not properly protecting themselves from the damaging rays.


  • Can UV Disinfection kill Superbugs? 

Yes UV disinfection can most definitely kill Superbugs.  Superbugs are defined as a micro-organisim that has developed a resistance or immunity to traditional (over used) anti-biotics.  From Influenza to Ebola there is no known microbiological resistance to the UV-C disinfectant process.


  • Does UV-C penetrate glass? 

No, UV-C does not penetrate glass, you can watch the treatment through a window with no risk of skin or eye damage.


  • Do I need to prepare my space in anyway prior to treatment?

It will help the process if items that may cast large shadows are removed. UV-C light does not clean surfaces it simply disinfects what it is able to illuminate.  Conventional cleaning of dirt and trash will be up to you to complete if you desire and is highly recommended to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment.


  • How long does Disinfection take? 

We offer 3 service plans:

30 minute plan – Lights run for a duration of 30 minutes and disinfects a number of common micro-organisims.

60 minute plan – Lights run for 60 minutes disinfecting a much larger list of micro-organisims.

Custom plan – Based on the time required to apply the UV-C dosage to disinfect a specific micro-organism and all others that are disinfected in that time period.


  • How frequently can I disinfect my location using UV-C treatments?

There is no limit on the number of times a space can be disinfected.  We recommend that a home should be disinfected every 30 days while daycares, offices, medical facilities and restaurants should be disinfected Bi-Weekly.  As with any disinfection treatment, the goal is to keep the microbial reservoir of harmful pathogens as low as possible.


  • Is this process safe to use in a home with pets or children?

Absolutely, this process is being used in hospitals and government buildings today.  There are no chemicals or residue making this product completely GREEN.  This process has also been approved by the EPA.


  • What effect does UV-C light have on objects in the room?

Long-term exposure of UV-C light to plastics will shorten the shelf life of the plastic by approximately 10%. Example: If the plastic would normally last about ten years, and it’s exposed to germicidal UV light the entire time, it would probably need to be replaced in 9 years. Plant life may be damaged by direct or reflected germicidal ultraviolet rays.


  • What micro organisims can UV-C kill?

Click here for a list of bacteria and viruses.


  • How do I know of the treatment was effective?

Dosage is the term used to quantify the amount of UV-C light required to kill a virus or bacteria, many of the most common and problematic micro-organisims dosage are available online.  No-Touch has separated most of these into 2 categories, a 30 min program and a 60 min program.  The lights are run for that timeframe and the micro-organisims on the list are disinfected.  We also use a special UV-C test strip sticker placed at 10ft from the light which changes colour as certain dosages are achieved.  This gives skeptical customers some visible proof.  On occasion we may use a bacterial swab test kit for spot checking.


  • How much does it cost?

Please call for pricing.


  • Do you offer discounts?

Yes we do.  We offer discounts for daily, weekly, bi-weekly and monthly service contracts.  We also offer discounts for locations with multiple rooms to be disinfected.



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